• What's Your Leash Made Of

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What's Your Leash Made Of

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UnLEASHed Potential

What we are all about!

We are a family owned and operated company based out of Colorado Springs. We
are family who has always loved the outdoors, but especially rock climbing. As
every rock climber can attest, you end up with a lot of rope. Our old retired
ropes used to just sit in a closet collecting dust. We were unable to be use
them, but it never seemed right to just throw them away. After getting our own four-legged
friends the idea seemed too simple... Recycle our old ropes into leashes. Our goal is simple, walk our dogs as
well as keep trash out of the landfills!

We Do Custom Work!

Do you want a longer leash? Maybe you have a new idea in mind! We would love to do custom work! Feel free to contact us with any request and we will do our best to create it!!

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